Carpet Freshener

Enhance the ambiance of your living space with our fragranced carpet freshener, designed to infuse your home with a delightful and long-lasting scent. This product effectively eliminates odours while leaving behind a pleasant home fragrance that will uplift your senses. Say goodbye to unwanted smells and hello to a refreshing and inviting atmosphere in your home.

Sprinkle on your carpets or rugs and leave for approximately 30 minutes. After this time hoover up the powder and enjoy the wonderful fragrance filling your room.

It is recommended that you do a test on a small area before use.

Do not let pets or children around the treated area until all traces of the carpet freshener has been hoovered up.

All our tubs are PET plastic and are 100% recyclable.

Carpet Freshener Tubs 2 For £10.00

Mix & Match 5 For £4.00*

*Our mix and match offer is for purchases of carpet freshener sample pouches and wax melt pots.

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