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Customised with your own personalise image, ideal for your own use or to give as little gifts.

Air fresheners are printed on both sides, either use one picture for both or have different images on each side.

We have a large variety of scents to choose from as listed below.

Our air fresheners measure 7cm x 10cm x 0.3cm.

Scents available:

Baby Powder

The baby powder fragrance is a powdery and delicately soft floral fragrance with notes of fresh pink rose, warmer lily and a suggestion of smooth, soothing vanilla.


BAD is similar in scent to the well known men’s aftershave. BAD evokes brooding virility and a sense of erotic mystery. Covered in a grainy black leather texture, A daring and sophisticated olfactive signature, BAD is the first scent combining accords of tobacco and caviar to create an addictive, pulsating, yet fresh woodiness.

Bedtime Baby

Bedtime Baby is similar in scent to the most popular baby bath time wash. The soothing aroma of delicate cherry blossom and creamy peach blooms to reveal a floral posey at its core. Honeyed tones of rose petals and jasmine are entwined with sweet geranium, and supported by a soft base of smooth sandalwood and musk

Bakewell Tart

A sweet Bakewell tart fragrance with notes of vanilla, cherry and creamy sweet almond.

Black Cherry

A fruity black cherry fragrance supported by a sweet vanilla dry down.

Black Opium

Black opium is similar in scent to the well known women’s perfume. An addictive gourmand floral with notes of: Black Coffee for a shot of adrenaline White Florals to instantly seduce and Vanilla for sweetness and sensuality.

Blueberry Muffin

A luscious bakery tones perfectly balanced in a combination of rich creamed butter, fresh ground cinnamon, hints of brown sugar and sweet wild blueberries. A base of vanilla bean completes the bakery sensation.

Bos Bottled

Similar in scent to a well-known men’s fragrance. A fresh blend of zingy notes with more musky flavours. Top notes of citrus and apple blend with classic and manly clove and cinnamon, before trailing off into sensually earthy cedar wood, sandalwood and amber.


Similar in scent to a well-known men’s fragrance. A fresh and leathery fragrance with notes of citrus, amber and leather.

Bubble Gum

A sugary sweet bubble gum accord with supporting notes of peach, pineapple, grape, citrus, and creamy vanilla.

Candy Apple

Candy apple fragrance oil. Sweet and fruity, this delicious fragrance is set to make your mouth water with top notes of juicy red apple drizzled with strawberry and sprinkled with spice. At its heart, intoxicating jasmine is warmed with rich milky accords, that are dipped into smooth caramel and embraced by soft musk.


A strong fruity cherry accord with orange interludes and soft notes of red berries.

Chocolate Orange

A delicious fragrance combining creamy milk chocolate and sweet orange notes, resting on a delicate vanilla base.

Citrus Fruit

A mouth-watering fruity scent with hints of orange, lemon and lime.


A comforting, powdery fragrance composed of sweet, sugary, creamy, coconut and tonka beans.

Cola Cubes

A sweet confectionery accord of cola with supporting notes of juicy lemon and lime and spicy cinnamon with mouth-watering fizz.

Cranberry & Orange

A festive delight that is fruity and sweet, the fragrance bursts to life with sharp notes of fresh cranberry and blackcurrant. At its heart, delicious red berries are swirled with orange fruits, awaiting a gourmand bed of smooth caramel.


A radiant and enhancing, like a sparkling floral bouquet – spirited and fresh, wrapped in comfort and warmth.

Flower Bomb

Similar in scent to a well-known women’s perfume. Flower bomb is an explosive floral bouquet. Unexpected. A bouquet of tens of cattleyas, hundreds of sambac jasmine, thousands of freesias, and millions of rose petals enriched by an addictive scent of patchouli and vanilla. A mood lifting and positive profusion of flowers. Full bodied and opulent, the eau de parfum explodes in a bouquet of sensations with its addictive floral notes which leave their trail like a whirlwind that is distinctly couture.

Fresh Linen

Our fresh linen fragrance oil is a fresh clean floral accord with sparkling citrus notes leading to a floral, herbal heart resting on a base of musk and woods.

Fruit Salad

A sweet, fizzy chewy accord with peach, pineapple, orange, lemon, pear and strawberry.


A gloriously feminine and a true modern classic. Sparkling fresh notes of Ambrette and Rose mix with sensual jasmine and white flowers to convey an enticing floral bouquet. Amber, apricot, aromatic vanilla and musk give a deeper foundation to this iconic fragrance.

Gold Orchid

Gold Orchid is similar in scent to the the gold orchid laundry beads. Infused with vanilla and blended with Mimosa, honey, rose accords and creamy peach.

Good Girl

Good girl is inspired by a well known perfume.
Good girl fragrance oil is a sweet yet mysterious, juicy forest fruits brighten soothing almond as the fragrance unfurls, leading to an alluring heart of jasmine entwined with delicate tuberose. A rich and deep cushion of roasted tonka and sumptuous cocoa awaits, blended with fresh coffee bean.


Similar in scent to a well-known men’s fragrance. A blend of fresh grapefruit and a marine, that leads to the heart of aromatic bay leaf and hedione jasmine and a woody base of guaiac.

Izzy Miyaki

Izzy Miyaki is similar in scent to the well known men’s aftershave. A blend of citrus, precious woods and spices. The pure, energising scent is perfect for a modern, independent man.

J Choo

J choo is inspired by a well known perfume. Glamorous in attitude, the fragrance is a modern Fruity Chypre with warm, rich, woody depths. A sensual scent that is warm and rich, where a harmony of fresh fruits brings the fragrance to life. Green notes of apple and pear are dazzled by juicy red berries, and hide a softer heart of jasmine and amber. Earthy patchouli gives way to smooth notes of vanilla and sandalwood.


Joup is similar in scent to the well known men’s aftershave. A blend of Orange Blossom, Mandarin, Bergamot and Amalfi Lemon top notes, heart notes of Jasmine, Heliotrope, Lily of the Valley, Cinnamon and Cardamom, and base notes of Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Patchouli and Vanilla.

Juicy Apple

A crisp and fresh fragrance, that opens the mouth-watering aroma of a juicy green apple. Softer tones of pear appear as you sink into a sweet peach heart that is warmed by spicy nuances of lily, all resting on a sweet woody bed.

Lavender & Vanilla

An aromatic delight, the fragrance is centred on a sweet soft scent of lavender. Green notes of earthy violet leaf drift towards warm amber and lily which adds depth to the heart. Too close, smooth vanilla musk and creamy sandalwood add a touch of indulgence.

Lemon & Lime

Our lemon & lime fragrance oil is the ultimate combination of two favourite citrus fruits, the zesty scent of lemon and the tangy aroma of lime.


Mademoiselle is inspired by a well known perfume. A woody and ambery oriental fragrance with a full-bodied character: sensual, deep and addictive. Awaken the senses with a vibrant blend of orange zest and fresh pineapple juice drizzled over a sensual heart of jasmine and tea rose. Soft peach embraces exotic ylang ylang before revealing an oriental bed of smooth sandalwood, earthy moss and vanilla musk.


Mango fragrance oil is similar to the well known cleaning range. A sweet juicy passionfruit fragrance with notes of peach, mango, apple and a citrus hint of grapefruit and lime peel.

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Releasing a delightful, edible smelling fragrance where lashings of sweet, dark chocolate are combined with fresh mint fondant and enriched by a touch of sticky toffee and vanilla.

Miss Million

Similar in scent to a well-known women’s perfume. A blend of raspberry, Amalfi lemon and neroli, heart notes of gardenia, African orange flower and jasmine and base notes of white honey patchouli and amber.

Monkey Farts

A fruity explosion of pear, apple, plum, banana, peach, pineapple, strawberry and raspberry, bubble gum and light floral noted on a musk base.


Olympia is similar in scent to the well known women’s perfume. An oriental fragrance with salty vanilla-plum. A desert flower enveloped in amber sands. Vanilla, juicy plum. The almond-bite of tonka bean.

One Mil

One mill is similar in scent to the well known men’s aftershave. A blend of Grapefruit, Mint and Blood Mandarin top notes, Cinnamon, Rose and Spice heart notes and base notes of Leather, Amber and Patchouli.

Pear Drops

A vibrant fruity cocktail centred around pear drops, with a sweet sparkling alcoholic kick softened with lush apples, juicy peach, orange and musk.


A deliciously fresh, mouth-watering, sweetness of ripe and juicy pineapple slices.

Pink Bubble Gum

A sweet, uplifting and fun aroma that smells just like the big round bubble gum sweet.

Pink Candy Floss

A sweet candy floss accord just like on the fun fair with supporting notes of sugar, lemon, musk and vanilla.


Similar scent to the well-known women’s perfume. A rich blend of spicy, fruity, and amber notes warmed by honey and musk – an unsettling, charismatic and unforgettable oriental. It’s addictive, persuasive and utterly irresistible.


A scent of wild raspberries. Top notes of freshly picked luscious ruby red raspberries lead into a heart of white jasmine and geranium petals, and a hint of citric fruit juices. Base notes include green stems and white woody nuances.

Rhubarb & Custard

Our rhubarb and custard fragrance oil is a creamy sweet confectionery accord of juicy rhubarb and vanilla custard.


Similar in scent to a well-known men’s aftershave. A blend of radiant top noted burst with the juicy freshness of reggio di Calabria bergamot. Ambroxen, derived from precious ambergris, unleashes a powerfully woody trail. It is an act of creation inspired by wide-open spaces.

Sea Spray

A wave of top notes of mandarin. Lemon, green leaf and violet are enhanced with lavender, ozonic florals and a background of sandal, cedar, amber, musk and patchouli.

Sherbet Lemon

A sweet fizzy confectionery accord of sherbet lemons with a mouth-watering fizz.

Spring Awakening

Spring awakening is similar in scent to the the spring awakening laundry beads. A combination of Spring flowers, hints of natural patchouli and White cedar scents.


A fresh, fruity fragrance of ripe wild strawberries blended with notes of fresh green leaf and a sweet juicy back note.

Strawberry & Cream

A fresh, ripe strawberry fragrance on a sweet vanilla and cream base.

Strawberry Bon Bon

A fresh mouth-watering strawberry fragrance sweetened by hints of vanilla and dry fruits.

Strawberry Daiquiri

Our strawberry daiquiri fragrance oil is fresh and fruity, red ripe strawberries and quenching orange fruity notes on a white rum and vanilla lime base.

Sun Kiss

Sun kiss is similar in scent to the the sun kiss laundry beads. A scent that is all about warm sunshine and fresh fruits, juicy notes of apple and mandarin lead to tropical nuances of pineapple and coconut. Softer tones of peach are blended with zesty lime at its heart, whilst soothing woods bring warmth to the close.

Toasted Marshmallow

Gather round the campfire with a toasted marshmallow and breath in this gourmand delight. Opening with the sweet scent of cherry almond that is layered upon a maple and coffee biscuit and swirled with a rich vanilla caramel at its core.


A juicy ripe Caribbean mango fragrance enriched juicy melon, succulent pear and ripe strawberries, with mellow hints of papaya, succulent peach and a base of rich jammy fruits.

Tutti Fruiti

A mouth-watering blend of strawberries, grapefruits, pineapple, banana, orange, apple, fruity flavours.

Unicorn Farts

Our unicorn farts fragrance oil is a sweet, smelling fragrance with notes of candy floss, sweet jam, strawberry bon bon, lemon, Lime, pear, apple, plum, banana, peach, pineapple, strawberry and raspberry with light floral notes on a musk and vanilla base.


A rich and creamy, with soft notes of coconut, butter cream, deluxe chocolate and sprinkles of sugar.

Vapour Rub

Vapour rub is similar in scent to the classic medicine. A cool hit of menthol sets the tone of this scent as a refreshing mint breeze mingles at the top. Aromatic notes of fresh thyme add strength to the heart, before softer notes of cedarwood bring the fragrance to a close.


Our watermelon fragrance oil is a delicious fruity blend of tropical melons, peach and strawberry with a hint of vanilla.

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